I LOVE books. In fact, I read 100 books every year. But there's a catch.

See, I have dyslexia. Reading used to take me a lot of time and energy. Often I’d struggle to finish my readings in time, or get too bored to focus. So, my little brother Erix and I built Speechify because we wanted to have a faster way of doing our readings.

Speechify allows me to read with my ears. It converts any text to human-quality, natural-sounding speech, lets me listen to any text 3 times faster than my normal reading speed, and even lets me take photos of any my physical books and documents to convert them into audio.

The best part?

Speechify allows me to save time and retain more. I can listen anywhere: in the car, while cooking dinner, and while working out. It prevents my eyes from getting tired and makes it easier to focus, so I feel immersed in my readings without getting distracted. I retain more, stay focused, finish faster, take it with me on the go, and it's way easier than reading.

Our goal at Speechify is to ensure that reading is never a barrier  to learning for anyone. If you want to learn,  dyslexia, ADD, concussion symptoms, or low vision should not stop you from being able to intake information quickly and effectively. In addition, speaking english as a second language, or growing up with a less-than-ideal education system should not hinder you from being able to learn.

Today most of our users are productivity lovers, even those without learning differences, who want to be able to read faster and listen to their readings in the car and on the go.

For the working professional, who wants to get something done on the long commute to work; or the busy college student who wants to get some readings done while walking to class; and for the 10-year-old dyslexic student sitting in the back of the class, just trying to cope:

Try Speechify. We built it for you.

Because you can do some pretty cool things, now that reading isn't a barrier.

For mobile, desktop, and Chrome.

Speechify syncs with all your devices in real-time. It works in your browser, on iPhone and on Android.