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Whether you're a professor with a pile of papers to read or a lawyer slogging through deposition transcripts, listening to your readings is the productivity boost you're looking for.

Cliff Weitzman, Founder of Speechify.
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See how Cliff uses Speechify to 3x his productivity.

Create Audiobooks From Anything

Finish your work faster by unlocking the power of listening, and spend more time doing the things you love.

Import any Text

Scan a book, import a PDF, download from Google Drive, and more.

Human voices

Natural voices generated using cutting-edge AI technology.

Sync across devices

Seamless listening across your iPhone, Android, Mac, Chrome, and web.

What professionals are saying about Speechify

I work in a job that requires tons of reading. If you're like me, I highly recommend giving your eyes a rest and letting Speechify do some of the heavy lifting once in a while. You won't regret it.



Honestly, this is a game changer for me and my students. I use it to review ungodly long graduate papers, and finish it all much faster than I could reading them. Keep up the awesome work guys!


Professor of Philosophy

If you like to travel or have a long commute, Speechify is a must have! It saves me so much time by reading long market reports in the car on the way to work.


Trading associate

As an author this app is perfect. It allows me to hear the story I write like an Audible book, and helps me correct any mistakes I've missed. Plus the developers are very responsive!



For mobile, desktop, and Chrome.

Speechify syncs with all your devices in real-time. It works in your browser, on iPhone and on Android.