No more struggling with reading.

Whether you have dyslexia, ADHD, a concussion, or another reading disability, with Speechify, reading is never a barrier.

Cliff Weitzman, Founder of Speechify, Dyslexic

See how Cliff uses Speechify to beat dyslexia.

What people like you are saying about Speechify

I have ADD and I have never felt more empowered. You guys have changed my life.


College, ADD

Before I Speechify I used to spend dozens of nights reading instead of sleeping. When I saw how easy it was, and how well the text was read, I teared up.


Graduate school, Dyslexia

I struggle a lot but work very hard to get good grades. Thank you so much for creating this app, it will help me so much in finishing high school and college.


High school, Dyslexia

Having to use a magnifying glass to read used to make my eyes sore. Being able to listen to articles is so helpful to me, thank you.


Professional, vision impaired

Create Audiobooks From Anything

Speechify gives you the freedom to listen to anything, anywhere. Because you can do some amazing things, when reading isn't a barrier.

Import any Text

Scan a book, import a PDF, download from Google Drive, and more.

Human voices

Natural voices generated using cutting-edge AI technology.

Sync across devices

Seamless listening across your iPhone, Android, Mac, Chrome, and web.

For mobile, desktop, and Chrome.

Speechify syncs with all your devices in real-time. It works in your browser, on iPhone and on Android.