Lead every child to academic success.

Speechify empowers your child or student to overcome learning disabilities in the classroom, giving them the support they need to succeed.

Cliff Weitzman, Founder of Speechify, Dyslexic

See how students at the Hamilton School used Speechify.

What parents and educators are saying about Speechify

Just brilliant. We bought an iPad just so our 13-year old daughter can use Speechify.


Parent, Dyslexic Child

There are not enough words in the universe to truly express our gratitude for this app! Speechify has made it possible for my daughter (legally blind) to feel successful in doing the things her friends can do.


Parent, Visually Impaired Child

The students I support are dyslexic or have some difficulty with reading. Speechify is the perfect tool for them! If my 7-11 year old students can benefit from this tool, anyone can.


Elementary school Intervention Specialist

Finally, our dyslexic son can use an app for reading without help from an adult! Such a huge help with school work. The positive affect on his self esteem is immense, this app gives him so much independence.


Parent, Dyslexic Child

Create Audiobooks From Anything

Create audio versions of readings to accommodate learning disabilities, increase comprehension, and lead students to academics success.

Import any Text

Scan a book, import a PDF, download from Google Drive, and more.

Human voices

Natural voices generated using cutting-edge AI technology.

Sync across devices

Seamless listening across your iPhone, Android, Mac, Chrome, and web.

For mobile, desktop, and Chrome.

Speechify syncs with all your devices in real-time. It works in your browser, on iPhone and on Android.