📝 How to Take Notes from Audiobooks with Speechify

Learn how to take notes and highlights when listening to audiobooks on Speechify

Audiobooks are great. You can listen to them at any time, anywhere with no constraints. You can also listen faster at double the speed!

However, it is often hard to take notes when listening to audiobooks as you cannot just copy and paste the text into your notes application or highlight it. 

But with Speechify you can. All you have to do is to select and drag the text you want to highlight. 

Then you would see a bar pop up at the bottom with different highlight colours, a bookmark and note option. You can select between the blue, orange, red, pink, green and grey highlight colour option.

This allows you to customise the way you want your highlights to look while jotting down quick meaningful notes. You can later revisit these notes later on when listening to the audiobook. 


You can also bookmark important pages in Speechify. This allows you to take note of important pages and then quickly revisit them later on by clicking the bookmark sidebar at the top left corner.


This allows you to recall the important highlights and lessons that you have learnt from audiobooks easily and allow you to learn more information easily with Speechify

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