🎁 How to Earn Speechify Rewards

Learn how to view the different rewards that you can gain in Speechify when you listen more. You can also get discounts on premium plans and free HD word packages!

Speechify is the #1 text to speech reader and helps you to convert any text into speech to help you improve retention, comprehension and understanding. 

When you use Speechify, you can increase your stats such as the number of words you have listened to. This can allow you to gain exclusive rewards such as access to Speechify's premium HD voices made using AI for free

You can also gain other special rewards ✨

Here’s how you can access your Speechify rewards. 

How to Access Speechify Rewards

  1. Open the Speechify app and click on the profile icon
  2. Scroll all the way down until you see “See all ranked rewards”
  3. Click on “See all ranked rewards” 
  4. Boom! Now you have access to all the different rewards and you can view your Speechify progression. 


📱Use Speechify today on iOS, MacOS, Android and Chrome to increase your retention, comprehension and listening speed using it’s #1 Text-to-Speech software built with cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies. Also become 3x more productive while not putting in any additional effort. 🎧