📎 Learn How to Import Documents

Learn how to import documents from your cloud services into Speechify to save time and be more productive today.

Speechify’s Text-to-speech reader can read any text for you. Have a physical book, PDF or article on the internet? No worries, Speechify has got you covered.

You can also import documents  into Speechify from many sources such as your Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Pocket, Evernote, Chrome Extension, Bookshare and more!

Here’s how you can import documents from the cloud.

  1. Head on over to the Speechify app
  2. Click on the Import Files button
  1. Then click “Import Files”
  1. Select your Cloud service and login (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud etc.)
  1. View your documents and click on the plus icon (➕) to add to your library
  2. Boom! You can now listen to that document in Speechify

You can now get through reading for your class or document for your business faster and be more productive.

Use Speechify’s Text-to-Speech application available on Mac, iOS, Chrome and Android to turn any text into an audiobook. Be 3x more productive today.