📊 How to View Speechify Analytics

Speechify Analytics allow you to access how many words you have listened to and how much time you have saved because of the superpower of listening.

Speechify is the #1 Text-to-Speech app that allows you to turn any text into speech effortlessly. 

When you have listened to more than 1000 words using Speechify, you can gain access to the profile page which showcases your Speechify Analytics. 

Here you can see how many words you have listened to using Speechify, how much time you have spent and saved. ⌛️

You can also take a look at how many words you have listened to and what rewards you can gain when you listen to more words using Speechify. These words are counted when you listen to PDFs, news articles, newsletters or books using Speechify.

This can allow you to set goals for yourself as to how much you want to listen to using Speechify. You can aim to for example listen to more than 15,000 words a day at 500WPM which means that you want to listen for half an hour a day. 

Here’s how you can view your Speechify Analytics ⚙️

  1. Once you have listened to more than 1000 words, you can start to use Speechify Analytics. This usually takes a few minutes at most when listening at the average listening speed of 300WPM. 
  2. Open the Speechify app and click on the profile page
  3. Here you can view all your Speechify Analytics. Starting with your lifetime analytics, all the way down to weekly and daily stats.


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