🎧 How to Use Speechify's Chrome Extension - The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to use Speechify's Chrome Extension to turn any text into speech to listen/comprehend text faster. 🏎

Speechify is a text-to-speech software available on iOS, Android, Mac and Google Chrome. This allows you to access the superpower of listening to text from any device!

The chrome extension is an easy way for you to read articles on the web. This post will be a detailed guide on how you can use the Chrome Extension to your advantage to increase retention 🧠, comprehension 📖 and become 3x more productive today. 


You can learn how to download the Speechify Extension here


Learn How to Use Speechify’s Chrome Extension 🎧


Once you have downloaded the Speechify Chrome Extension, you would notice that there is a blue play button on the left of a paragraph of text. 


When you press the play button, Speechify starts reading text in a natural human voice generated using cutting edge artificial intelligence technology.


You will notice that there is another play button at the bottom left of the page once Speechify starts reading the text. When you click on it, it expands and there are more controls that you can choose from. This allows you to change the speed of Speechify until 900 WPM which is 4.5 times the average reading speed. Moreover you can also play/pause and the adjust word Speechify is reading. 


If you want to change more settings you can press on the Speechify Chrome Extension Icon in the top right of the screen. Here you can change the voice to any of the high quality HD Voices that Speechify offers.

You can also turn on and off word highlighting. Word highlighting allows you to see which text is being read out to you as it will be highlighted in a light blue box. This allows you to both read and listen at the same time. 

This can help you to double the input of your reading and double comprehension and retention. Speechify gives you reading superpowers as you can now comprehend and retain information, better and faster than just reading .

You can also turn on and off auto scrolling. Auto scrolling makes it more convenient to read articles as Speechify will automatically scroll the page for you. This can allow you to read the text on the screen while still listening at the same time to help you to retain more and comprehend more information. 

What do I do if there is no play button near some text? ▶️

On pages which are not yet automatically supported with the Chrome Extension, you can click on the Speechify Chrome Extension icon and then click on the “Listen to this page” button. Now any page can be read with Speechify.


Speechify fully supports your favorite websites

  1. 2by22.blog
  2. Atomic Design by Brad Frost
  3. Automate The Boring Stuff
  4. BBC
  5. data dog hq
  6. dmv.ca.gov
  7. Economist
  8. Geeks for Geeks
  9. hbcudigest
  10. hbr
  11. marketplacepulse
  12. medium
  13. nad
  14. newyorker
  15. nytimes
  16. science direct
  17. techcrunch
  18. thehealthyskincoach
  19. theregister
  20. theverge
  21. time
  22. wikipedia
  23. writingcooperative
  24. wsj


The Speechify Chrome Extension has made it super easy for you to listen to any article or web page on the web. 


📱Use Speechify today on iOS, MacOS, Android and Chrome to increase your retention, comprehension and listening speed using its #1 Text-to-Speech software built with cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies. Also become 3x more productive while not putting in any additional effort. 🎧