📖 How to Scan a Physical Book into Speechify

Learn how to convert Physical books into Audiobooks using the power of Speechify

You can easily import PDFs of books into Speechify to convert any book into an audiobook with high quality voices and different speed options.

However, don’t worry if you only have a physical copy of a book. You can still easily convert the printed text into an audiobook through Optical Character Recognition technology which Speechify uses.

Here’s how you can listen to books even when you only have a physical copy.

How to Convert a Physical Book into an Audiobook

  1. Open the Speechify App and click on the Camera Icon
  2. Click Multi-Scan to scan multiple pages
  3. Position the words inside the Frame and Capture images
  4. After taking pictures, click the arrow button
  5. Here, you can change the title of the audiobook, crop pages to exclude chapter numbers, page numbers etc.
  6. After cropping and editing, you can add the file to your library.
  7. Boom! Now you can access your physical book as an audiobook in Speechify easily.

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