📑 How to Convert PDFs into Audiobooks using Speechify

Learn how to convert PDFs into audiobooks using Speechify so that you can easily listen to PDFs on the go wherever you are.

Speechify is the #1 Text to Speech that converts any text into audio on iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome. 

It allows you to have the superpower to listen to and read text at the same time. This allows you to double the inputs while improving comprehension and retention

You can also use Speechify to convert PDFs into audiobooks so that you can read them faster and easily without friction wherever you are. Here’s how you can listen to PDFs using Spechify’s HD natural voices generated using Articficial Intelligence technologies. 

Convert PDFs into audiobooks

  1. Open the Speechify app
  2. Click on the import button
  3. Select the cloud service where your PDF is located



  1. Press on the plus (+) icon next to your PDF

  1. You can either immediately add the PDF into your library for Speechify to convert or crop it. 
  1. For example, you can crop the top and bottom any page so that the page number or book title is not read out in Speechify. To save time, you can select the “apply to all pages” button. This applies the changes you have made to all pages.

  1. Once you are done just click click the “save file” button to add the PDF to your Speechify library. 
  2. Boom! Now you can listen to any PDF using Speechify and save time

📱Use Speechify today on iOS, MacOS, Android and Chrome to increase your retention, comprehension and listening speed using its #1 Text-to-Speech software built with cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies. Also become 3x more productive while not putting in any additional effort. 🎧