⚙️ How to Configure Listening Preferences in Speechify

Learn how to configure your listening speed, voice and language in Speechify

Speechify allows you to listen with its high quality voices made using cutting edge AI technology and listen with speeds up to 900 WPM to help you save time and be more productive. 

How to Change Listening Preferences

Here’s how you can change your listening preferences so that you can find the voice and speed that works best for you. 

  1. Open the Speechify App and click on the profile icon
  2. Click on the settings icon ⚙️
  3. Click on listening preferences 
  4. You can set the default listening speed or select the automatic speed ramping feature 🏎
  5. Choose your favourite listening voice from the wide range of HD voices🗣
  6. You can also instantly translate text into 60+ languages 🌎




Now you can listen to Speechify with your listening preferences

📱Use Speechify today on iOS, MacOS, Android and Chrome to increase your retention, comprehension and listening speed using it’s #1 Text-to-Speech software built with cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies. Also become 3x more productive while not putting in any additional effort. 🎧