📣 How to Choose Premium HD Voices in Speechify

Learn how to listen to text in the most natural human voices using Speechify's HD Premium Voices made using cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies.

Speechify allows you to listen to audiobooks using the most natural HD voices available. This allows you to listen to text without getting bored or distracted easily.

⚡️ This is game-changing.

Here’s how you can choose HD Voices in Speechify

Once you have opened a document you want to listen to, you can click on it to start listening. Now you can click on the voices option in the bottom right and then at the top of the screen you can view the various HD Voices available such as

  • Simon (US Man)
  • Emma (US Woman)
  • Erix (Australia Man)
  • Chloe (Australia Woman)
  • Harry (British Man)
  • Stephanie (British Woman)t
  • Amrita (Indian Woman)
  • Dylan (Wales Man)
  • British Male Child

In order to access premium HD voices, you can subscribe to the premium Speechify plan or learn how to earn free speechify HD voices and other exclusive gifts here.

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